The Start of Something New. 

So you know the “I really want to do “x” but I’m too lazy to do it” feeling? Or the “I should’ve done that a long time ago, and it’s too late now” feeling? Okay. So I have that feeling. Too often.

Yes, granted I’m only 18 and  “I’m so young” and I “have a whole life ahead of me” but I’ve done so much already and I kinda wish I wrote or blogged or scrapbooked about it then. At thing point I’m kinda like… well it’s too late to start telling anyone about my life now because it’s BORING.

What do I do everyday? Wake up. Go to class. Eat. Go to class. Eat. Go to sleep. And repeat. Everyday. The same cycle.

So what then actually brought me starting this blog? My thoughts changed to thoughts of action.

Effort  vs.  Comfort

(I’ll get back to that)

I was living a life on autopilot, letting every day come and go without actually accomplishing anything worth talking about, until I chose to wake up. My life is awesome! I started telling myself, I have a life full of experience worth sharing and so much knowledge to share.

So I decided to stop surviving and start living.


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