Thought Nature.

Me, being my “too lazy to write” self,  (Note- I’m not lazy at all, just to write.) really needed some motivation to write a second post. So, when I saw my blog had 4 views, I assumed 3 of them to be me, and 1 to be my sister in law, but then I saw that 3 of them are from the United States and only 1 is from Israel I realized that- it must be true! 2 people I didn’t tell to read my blog read it!!! And motivation occurred. So here I am. Writing.

Through that, you now know that I am living in Israel. Why? I’m here studying for a year, I actually live in the U.S. but for 9 months, September to June I’m getting college credit to “rediscover my self” in an institution that teaches self knowledge and growth. Hence my tag line- “my daily journey to self discovery.”  So, sounds pretty cool right? Yes. It is. When phrased like that, “Come to our school! We will teach you secrets to the mind and who you really are!” It is great, the information is extremely valuable and I hope to share much of it with you, but they don’t mention on the brochure- “You’ll be living in a place with mold in the showers, and bugs in the toilets! You will be with girls whom have many different ‘intrests,’ so to say, than you! You will have 2 roommates (one of which who you will have to live with for a month until you realize that the problem is, is that you will kill eachother if you contiue living together for another day.) They don’t mention the fact that they only serve canola oil at meals, with a touch of vegetables and rice, (oh- and by vegetables I mean peas and potatoes.) And that, every weekend you are on your own! Sayonara! Go find a place to live Friday night and Saturday, you cannot come back until Saturday night! And be in class bright and early Sunday morning 9:00AM!

I love it here.

No, really I do.

Something I’ve learnt through much of my life experience is that we chose how we react, we have the power to decide whether or not we will be upset, mad, angry, happy, etc. Yes, given, I’m in a sucky situation. My bed feels like it’s been stuffed by the boy who found the needle in the hay stack, but I have the power to not allow that to upset me.


The nature of a thought is to pass. 

If I dwell on negative thoughts and allow myself to get into conversations with these negative thoughts, they’ll just circle, around and around my head, building up and becoming thinker and thicker, and it would become a cloud of negative thoughts.

‘My bed feels like straw. I hate my bed. Therefore I hate my room, Uch I hate that I have a roomate! I hate this dorm! I hate the fact that the school can’t afford better dorms! I hate the school!’


‘I hate the school that’s given me so much? So much knowledge and amazing information? An amazing school that’s given me the opportunity to live in a dorm to live in Jerusalem?! You know how many people would kill to have a place to live in Jeruslaem with 3 meals a day? A school that has world renoud teachers that I have the opportunity to build relationships with and have intellectual arguments with? I love my living situation! I love my teachers! I love my school!’

See what I did there?

I changed my focus. We have the ability to change our thoughts. If I just let the thought of ‘my bed feels like straw’ pass, which it would. Because, the nature of a thought is to pass, I have the ability to fill my mind with a positive thought and let that turn into a conversation in my mind instead of the negative ones.

Our minds are like computers, you can either use it for its obvious features, or learn about the amazing capabilities it withholds and how much you can actually do with it.


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