Choosing Green. 

You know that exhausted feeling after the beach? That drive home when you were a kid in the back of the car, wishing you could stay awake but your eyes are so heavy that the ice cream your parents got you is slowly melting in your hands? The hot car plus your washed off sandy shoes, is just a recipie for an amazing nap. 

Today, was 91 degrees. Hot. The sun in Israel is strong and someone from the U.S. like myself, takes time getting used to sun like this, and boy, right now, sitting in my bed, I am exhausted. Just walking 2 miles today made me- hot. Sun, sandy shoes exhausted. All I want to do is shower and lay in my bed and let my body drift off into a heavy, deep sleep. 

Unfortunately though, I am not always in control of what I want. 

And that’s a fact of life- 

We are not always in control of what we want. 

My school organized a dorm activity tonight to play dodge ball, a fun friendly game, girls against girls, just to have us spend some quality time together before we go home. It’s a really nice idea! And I love dodgeball and I want to be “into it,” but I’m so tired! 

What can I do? 

Does this ever happen to you? You had a full day of classes and all you want to do is roll up under your covers and watch the next six episodes of Two and a Half Men? But you have a 200 word paper due tomorrow on the theory of why giraffes have purple toungs? 

What do you do? How do you change your focus? How do you decide that you are going to have a good time or do the essay with enthusiasm? 

It’s all in your control. 

We may not have control over the situation in which we have to participate in, or the responsibility we don’t want to deal with, but we do have control over our additude we pay towards it. 

You can just chose that you’re going to do the essay with enthusiasm. Yes it’s easier to just lay and watch TV for the next 4 hours, but, the effort that you put into the essay, you’ll reap the benefits of that for much longer than you would the benefits from the comfort from laying in bed. 

Effort vs. Comfort. 

(Told you I’d get back to that) 

So me, here, laying in bed before the dodgeball game. I have to now make a conscious decision that I am going to have fun, and I am going to enjoy the game, as exausted as I am. Because the effort I put in to going to the game and being in a good mood will benifit me for much longer in the social compartment, than me giving into my body and sleeping for an extra hour. 

Chosing to be happy, confident, excited, enthusiastic, a smarter person. All work the same way! 

Hey, why didn’t they just tell me I can just chose to be smart back in high school?! 

Wish me luck in dodgeball! 

Go team green! 


2 thoughts on “Choosing Green. 

  1. Hey Sophia,

    I’m really beginning to enjoy these daily pep talks. Seriously, your past few posts have served as a much needed reminder that I can choose the attitude I take into every situation and that my happiness is determined by making the decision to be happy.

    Keep churning them out. I’ll keep reading em’!


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