The Limited Pen. 

Imagine this- You’re sitting down on a chair with nothing around you, you have a pen in your right hand, and I tell you- you must release the pen, but you cannot let it hit your lap or the floor. 

What would you do? 

You must do it. 


I would imagine majority of you would think, ‘uh that’s not possible.’ I’d ask why? And you’d say, ‘well, uh, laws of gravity..’ And I’d say, 

You are wrong. 

(nicely obviously 🙂 ) 

You can let go of the pen and catch it, you can transfer the pen from your right hand to your left hand, you can place the pen on your lap, or you can place the pen on the floor. 



I said, “you must release the pen,” meaning you just have to let go of it, even for a second, meaning you can litteraly just transfer it from one hand to another, and I said, “don’t let it hit your lap or the floor,” never that it couldn’t be placed nicley. 

Why did you not think this way? 

It’s because we have automatic limiting beliefs. We don’t think outside the box, we think we have limited abilities. 

If I told you to try to reach the ceiling, most of us would stretch and try to reach, and fail (unless you’re super tall, or in a dwarfs house, which in that case you wouldn’t stretch) but realistically, why don’t you just stand on a table and touch it?

We have the tools right in front of us! We have the ability to do so much if we just look around ourselves and use the commodities that the world offers at its desposle. 

(No I’m not talking about becoming an organic farmer)

But you have a goal of becoming a world famous speaker? Well then you have all the tools you need! As long as your not mute and living on a deserted island alone you can reach your goal by using anybody! (That’s not deaf, unless you know sign language.) 

I like to use the image of a ladder, you want to get to the top but you have to take each rung at a time. It’s the same thing. You got to see the long term goal, but take each day as it comes to get you closer and closer, don’t let your limiting beliefs keep you on the same rung for too long. 

One last thing- a superficial example of when I let my limiting beliefs stop me from a full night of sleep. 

I’m currently living in Israel as you know, and the weather is extremely hot in this time of year. My apartment has no air conditioning. Last night, it was 85 degrees in my room and I could not sleep. There was a point where I decided to put a bikini on, it was so hot. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had the realization at 4:30am that I was not sleeping for the night, so that was it. So I just got out of bed and did some work. At 7:00am I went to the school building to get some coffee and there was, to my suprise, a quarter of my apartment with their sleeping bags and eye masks sound alseep in the comfortable air conditioned classroom. Ouch. I could’ve had a nice night like them if I had thought for a moment outside my limiting beliefs that I was screwed for the night.

Now, how will you release the pen?


Flogers Recall. 

“The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!” 

Recognize that famous jingle? 

Read it again and think about it, then read the following- 

“I am a coffee addict, so granted every morning before anyone speaks to me I have my time of coffee and quiet to prepare me for the upcoming day. Waking up early for those few extra moments of silence and my cup of coffee is what gets me going, what gets me out of bed. I cherish those moments, I look forward to those moments. It’s my me time. My time to relax. I live for those moments.”
Are you okay with this? Is this really the best part of waking up? Do most people really just get up out of bed every morning for that cup of coffee? That early morning run? That annoying boss you have to be on time for?

What gets you out of bed every morning? 

Are we really not living for any  purpose other than that cup of coffee?

I asked a few people what they live for, what gets them out of bed every morning. Here’s a few of the responses I got- 

“Every morning I go to the gym, it’s what gets me out of bed. ” 

“I have to get to work.” 

“I live for good food, I look forward to my Corner Cafe muffin and coffee.” 

“My roommates alarm clock.”

“I have college. I have no choice but to wake up.” 

“I live for my kids.” 

The last answer was the one I was most satisfied with. 

Do we live for any greater purpose? 

It’s kinda like the phrase many dieters use- “Don’t live to eat, but eat to live.” 

But what are you living for? 

Do you ever stop and think- what am I doing with my life? 

A general 20-40 college/ post college aged unmarried, (maybe married) American I would imagine if they honestly asked themselves that question would get scared. 

I think we are too afraid to ask ourselves that question so we don’t. We just keep surviving. 

Stop surviving and start living!

Start asking yourself questions like, what drives you? What gives you an innate sense of happiness? Now I don’t mean laughing at a funny TV show. I mean real happiness. 

For example- 

Sometimes when I’m on the bus or train and I see someone who looks sad and is alone, I’ll strike up a conversation with them, try to get their mind off of whatever is bothering them, and usually at the end of the conversation they seem much happier. Seeing them smile, gives me a sense of happiness. Best part is, I lose nothing by doing it, I only gain. 

I live for making other people happy, and inspiring others to do the same. 

Maybe if we all started asking ourselves these type of questions we’d be living more satisfied lives. 

Don’t let that cup of coffee be the reason you wake up every morning.