Israel’s Crappy Easter. 

So usually when I write on this blog (meaning the past 2 days) I just begin writing without thinking about what I’m going to write before hand. Since I’ve been so fascinated with the fact that people have actually been looking at my blog I’ve felt this sort of pressure to deliver something great, better than the past 2 days. I found myself thinking about what I was going to write tonight throughout the day today, which in a way was fun, but also it made me feel like this was becoming somewhat of a required writing, bringing back feelings of high school when I’d have an assignment do and it would be constantly on my mind ’till the last minute until I’d finally get it done. And I didn’t like that. 

So I took my own lesson to heart, and let those pressuring thoughts pass, and decided I’m just going to write and see what comes to mind. 

Today was a holiday. Today, 67 years ago Israel was declared a Jewish State with an independent government. Well, actually tomorrow. But Israeli government rules that if the day falls out on the calendar on a Friday it’s automatically switched to Thursday. So, today was a fake holiday. Tomorrow is a real holiday, but we want to celebrate like true nationalists with BBQs and flags and have a proper day off, so we celebrated a day early. No big deal. 

But it is! 

I think. 

Wait for it, I’m not a political person at all, so don’t get bored. 

Isreal declaring its government is a big deal, and a huge victory for the Jews post the Holocaust, but honestly, I wasn’t feeling it. 

My stomach was though. 

Let me tell you what the weather was like today. 

      “It’s the beginning of April and the    weather is beginning to warm up and that spring high is in the air, Easter Sunday is coming up and the long awaited family fun filled day has finally arrived and its – Freezing. 40 degrees. Wet. 25 mph Winds. The worst. Your fingers get frostbite just from leaving your living room fire (which you haven’t lit since December.)” 

That was today. 

Today was a holiday! We wanted our Independence Day BBQ and fireworks!

Holidays mean no school, on a crappy day like today my friends, whom have many different ‘interests’ than I, decided to go to the Israel Bible Museum, and I tagged along, being the dedicated friend that I am, because  who doesn’t want to spend their vacation day at a bible museum?! 

We’re waiting for the bus to come to the bus stop (which we had to take a bus to) and we’re there 10 minutes, no bus, 20 minutes, 25 minutes. #66 comes- 

“Does this go to the museum campus?”

“Other side of the street!” 


Okay, so, facing the cold biting wind we crossed the street to the other bus stop- and then, it hit. 

I need the bathroom. Now. 

No, like, not a joke. 

I had forgotten about my diareeah I had had that morning because I had shitted out all my insides so there was nothing left to excrete, but right before I left I had some soup, and now nature was calling! 

So I suggested to my friends that- ‘clearly no bus was coming and that we should cab it back to school since it’s freezing out and I felt a rain drop.’ (Which I did!)

And our bus came. 


As I’m fidgeting in my seat we get to the museum and I bolt off, as I feel the remains of Mount St. Helens about to explode inside of me, or outside for that matter, I run.

The museum was closed. 

Crap. (Literally) 

I’m wearing a white skirt!!! (And a thong- WHY TODAY?!) 

15$, and a 10 minute cab ride later, I stumbled to my dorm bathroom like a cubby kid trying to hold all of his candy before he gets home on Halloween (but I wasn’t holding candy.) and I made it to the coveted white throne. 

In the past that ‘white throne’ was a dirty piece of plastic that I never believed I would survive a year going to the bathroom on, but to me today that dirty piece of plastic was my best friend. 

Talk about perspective, huh?

You never know when those old, ugly “out of season” shoes may become your new cherished item. 

So what does this have to do with Israel becoming a state? 

Well what’s your perspective? 

But for those apathetic to its significance, keep in mind-

It’s NOT a whole load of crap.